Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 23 Release Date

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Guided by Tokitoki, Goku and the others chase Fu. They arrive on a planet where a powerful enemy reinforced by the power of Fu stands before them! 

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 23 Spoilers and Release Date ...

On the side of Son Goku Xeno and his group, a mysterious man named “Dr.W” appears before them.

RELEASE DATE : End of May 2020

SBSH is a Japanese unique net activity and limited time anime arrangement Like Dragon Ball GT, it is a manga-propelled portion of the Dragon Ball media establishment, made by Toei Animation rather than establishment maker Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 22-23 ( Beerus and Fuu ) Episode 23 ...

In Episode 22 , Goku and company face Beerus in a brutal and hard-fought battle but there is nothing to do with his power. 
It is in this tense atmosphere that Son Goku Xeno and the others appear.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 22 Release Date

Invited by the latter, Goku and the others then raised their eyes in 
the air to see a huge tree root which covered the sky
as well as the silhouette of Fu who had brought with him “a black bird”.

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