Signs You’ve Found Yourself A Keeper

We all want to meet the one, and sometimes you have to sift through the dodgy relationships to find one that’s worth your time. How do you know that you’ve found someone worth your time, though? Here are some signs that you’ve found yourself a keeper.

They Make You Laugh
Even on those days where you want to run away and hide, they go out of their way to make you laugh. They know your sense of humour and what will make you giggle.

You’re Slowly Moving More Stuff To Their Place
The longer you’re dating, the more of your stuff magically appears in your home. It starts with a toothbrush, then some of your clothes. Sooner than later, you find clothes, shoes and even some furniture that you bought online at their place.

They Make You Want To Be A Better Person
As cliched as it sounds, when you find someone worth hanging onto, they tend to bring out the best in you. You find yourself working harder, eating better and generally being a better version of yourself. They see you as something extraordinary, and you start seeing it too.

You Can Just Be
When it’s raining outside, or it’s so hot you have to sit with next to your fridge, you can do it with your significant other without an issue. You don’t have to being doing something to enjoy their company, you can just be. Whether you’re having a picnic on your outdoor furniture from MyDeal, or you’re just lying on the couch, you can have fun.

They Always Brag About You
When you meet one of their friends for the first time, or even the parents, it’s a sign that you’ve found yourself a keeper when you find out they’ve been bragging about you. Whether it’s about artwork that you do in your spare time, or that you’ve just landed yourself a promotion, finding out that they brag about you is a sure fire way to find out that you’ve got yourself a keeper.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself
Alexandria Blaelock suggests that you list the following questions to find out if you’ve found yourself a keeper.
“1. They want to make you happy (rather than want you to make them happy). They treat you well when you are on your own as well as in front of other people.
2. Do they meet your requirements for a keeper? Will they treat you as an equal partner, or will you be their servant? Do they agree that the bedroom window must always be open (or closed)?
3. They come from a “good” family, i.e. do their values and standards match yours? Or are they a family of layabouts you may end up working hard to support the rest of your life. Or working too hard to keep up with theirs?
4. Are they from good genetic stock? Even if you don’t plan to have children, it’s useful to get an idea of their future medical needs and whether you think you can deal with them. Or afford to hire a nurse to do it for you.
5. Do they live a healthy lifestyle? A nutritious diet, regular exercise and self-care habits build on a good genetic foundation. Plus, if they respect themselves, they are more likely to respect you too.”
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The Butterflies Don’t Go Away
That feeling you get when you have a crush on someone, those butterflies and tingly feeling in your tummy; that doesn’t go away when you’ve met someone special. That feeling stays, and it doesn’t lessen or falter.


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