MyDeal Introducing MyStore – Turning customers into affiliates


Australian online marketplace has launched a new platform feature called MyStore, allowing anyone to open their own e-commerce shopfront at no cost and earn revenue by leveraging their own social media.

After a successful beta test in which 30 influencers reached over half a million Australians, MyStore is now available to the Australian public enabling anyone to launch their own curated offering utilising MyDeal’s existing database of products. The program will enable customers to make product recommendations to their friends and family on social media, whilst also helping other customers make more informed buying decisions.

Users simply need to visit, log in with their Google or Facebook account and can have a MyStore up and running in under 5 minutes.

Built on the premise of a traditional affiliate model, each MyStore receives its own unique discount code for followers to use, earning MyStore owners a commission on each sale with the code applied. This new addition to its platform emerges after its Australia’s Top 50 Influencer Awards campaign in 2017 which enabled it to gain further insight into the influencer industry.

The launch of the new tool and unique approach to e-commerce provides further example of how MyDeal differentiates itself from other marketplaces. The strategic timing of the launch has been underpinned by its focus in FY18 to release integration technologies and API capabilities for its sellers, enabling the marketplace’s range to grow from 50,000 products to over 300,000 and enhancing the seller experience.

ith the marketplace shifting to a more self-operated mechanism, MyDeal is now expanding its sales channels and focusing on opportunities which will elevate the buyer experience. Founder & CEO Sean Senvirtne said MyStore is another example of how e-commerce is evolving.

“Up until now e-commerce has had a traditional B2C model. MyStore turns that model on its head and transforms customers into brand ambassadors,” Mr Senvirtne said.

“Through MyStore, customers can promote the MyDeal sellers which are going above and beyond for their customers and be rewarded for their efforts. It also means that as a marketplace, we continue to strive to provide an even better experience if we want customers to continue to endorse our brand. It gives them more power and more choice,” he said.

“Through this program we wanted to take the best qualities of social media and online shopping and affect positive change in the customer shopping experience” Mr Senvirtne said.

MyStore aligns with MyDeal’s data-driven approach to marketing, enabling the marketplace to better identify products which customers love.

One of the ambassadors for the program, Healthy Luxe Co-Founder Hannah Singleton lauded the platform’s ease-of-use. “It is an honour to be ambassadors for MyDeal and to have our very own MyStore featuring some of our favourite products, from homewares and jewellery to superfood supplements. It is such an easy way for us to share what we love with our followers. The sign-up process couldn’t have been easier, and we love how user-friendly it is to add and remove products from our store,” she said

Barbara Bryan from Let’s Go Mum agreed. “I can’t believe how easy and quick it was to set up our MyDeal MyStore – selecting the products was fun, and the whole process was done in no time,” she said.

“This latest innovation is the beginning of a series of exciting enhancements we will be announcing in the coming months as we prepare ourselves for the biggest Christmas sales in our history,” Mr. Senvirtne said.

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