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Hi guys,Want to Move Your Posts from WordPress To Blogger ,Then this post is for you. Read start to last….Lets start….
doityaar: How to move your blog from WordPress to Blogger

When you export your content from WordPress it produces an XML file format.

You can move from either a free hosted blog or a self hosted powered site to Blogger. The 2 step process involves:

  1. Exporting your content in a XML file format
  2. Importing your XML file to Blogger

WordPress bloggers follow these steps:

Step 1. Export Posts From WordPress

  1. Login to WordPress and go to your Dashboard
  2. Click on the Tools tab
  3. Click on the Export tab
  4. Save the file to your local computer

Step 2.Import Posts to Blogger

  1. Login to your Blogger blog
  2. Click the Create a Blog link if you want to import your WordPress content to a new blogger site
  3. Click the Import Tool and import your WordPress content in XML format to Blogger
  4. Publish your imported posts to Blogger

Now your site is ready to view…. Thank you for read the post.

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