How To Increase Your Property Value Without Renovating

If you’re planning on selling your home, you’re most likely planning on trying to increase the property’s value. A common misconception is that you have to renovate in order to up your value, but it turns out this isn’t always the case. Here are a few ways you can increase your property value without renovating.

Keeping Face
Buyer’s Agent, Michelle May offers her advice for increasing property value. “Street frontage is very important, so make sure your house is actually clean ( the expert recommend washing the exterior of your home at least once every two years) Remove cobwebs and dirt, but also clean windows and look at your front garden. Bunnings have a plethora of garden options that won’t cost the earth. Also think about your post box, fence and your front door bell – everything needs to be clean and in working order.” Find out more about Michelle May by following her on Instagram.

Consider Your Furniture
Simon Wheelans from Simon Wheelans Place West shares his advice for keeping your home consistent. “You may have a spacious, open and bright home but if you have the wrong furniture in there it might not feel like it. Layout and size of furniture is very important to the feel of the home and ultimately to its perceived value. If you have furniture that is too big or too small you may be deterring buyers who have an altered perception of the home because of the furniture. Another point here is that you will often find spaces in a property that are hard to use, where buyers struggle to think what they would do with it. If you can show them how it can be used and eliminate those awkward spaces they are likely to pay a higher price for the home. Getting a professional stylist in can be a great way to get some advice on the best options for your house – whether you are selling or not.” Find out more about Simon Wheelans by following him on Facebook and Instagram. Keeping modern furniture in your home that suits the size and proportions of your home is key.

Keep Your Garden Looking Nice
Paul Palella from Brisbane Buyer’s Agency offers his advice. “Research shows that improved street appeal increases property value.You can improve your home’s street appeal by working on your garden, painting the front of the house and fences and creating a welcoming outdoor living space.Lovely outdoor living spaces won’t cost a fortune and will add immense value to your home. Freshening up existing garden furniture with a little paint or buying a table and chairs and potted plants that suit the style of your home can go along way to improving the feeling of welcome as people arrive.” Find out more about Brisbane Buyer’s Agency by following them on Facebook and Instagram. If you can’t afford to lay down real grass in your backyard, or you can’t afford the commitment that comes with having real grass, you should consider laying down artificial turf. It is low to no maintenance and is green all year around.

Consider An Outdoor Kitchen
Dan Bruce, owner of Verdelife and SustainaPod offers his advice for adding value to your home. “The exterior of a property can sometimes be overlooked as a place to add real value to your property. By installing a quality outdoor kitchen, you can easily transform even the smallest of outdoor spaces making it a more desirable and attractive space to entertain and in effect, adding another room to your property! And with the SustainaPod outdoor kitchen, you can do just that – easily, sustainably and beautifully! The SustainaPod outdoor kitchen range caters for spaces large or small and ensures your entertaining space is the envy of the neighbourhood. Pre-assembled modular cabinetry, easy-to-install in just a few steps – designed for maximum functionality and low maintenance, makes it the ideal way to add value in a very simple way. And designed and manufactured in Australia, you are guaranteed it withstands the Aussie summer and winter, allowing you to cook outdoors, all year round.” Find out more about Verdelife and SustainaPod by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Increasing your property value doesn’t always mean having to renovate your home. You can make your home worth its weight in gold by maintaining a healthy garden, keeping the face of your house looking fresh and keeping your amenities in order.

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