How To Find Great Travel Deals For Europe

Knowing how to navigate Europe on a budget is seen as an artform by most people residing there. For foreigners, planning a trip abroad can often be overwhelming. Once you know the tricks you’ll realize that exploring your dream destinations is a lot easier (and cheaper) than you think.

We’ve come up with a few tips on how to fully stretch your dollar and make the most of your next vacation in Europe. From transportation to food, we’ve got you covered.


If you speak with a European about travelling, you’ll often hear the same names coming up for cheap transportation. This is largely due to the amount of low-cost budget airlines, bus lines and trains that are available to you.

One of the most cost and time efficient ways to travel will be by using budget airlines. It is not uncommon to find flights under 20 euros with airlines like RyanAir, EasyJet, WOW, or WizzAir. If time isn’t on your side, use sites like SkyScanner or Momondo to search across all low-budget airlines for you. For less than 20 euros (yes, less than 20 euros) you can afford to add a few extra cities to your itinerary.

In some cases, turning to the road might be the best option. More and more travellers are turning to buses and ride-sharing for their affordability. If you travel by bus, it would be hard to beat the rates from Flixbus. Although it may not be as scenic as other means of transportation, it does come at a fraction of the cost.

Another option would be Bla Bla Car. This ride-sharing company will connect you with someone to share the costs of travelling. Have a great conversation sitting in the passenger seat on your way to a beautiful European city; doesn’t sound bad, right?

After you get tired of travelling by land, we highly recommend to hit the waters and experience some of the most beautiful coasts by boat. Using SamBoat, you can rent a boat directly from its owner and explore Europe’s stunning beaches.


Just like transportation, most European cities offer several ways to lodge without going completely broke. Don’t worry, there are many options to keep you from overspending.

People have always had a specific image of hostels throughout Europe. We’ve all had that friend who backpacked and told us all about them. In fact, hostels are starting to be more developed providing greater options, while increasing their quality. In most cities, hostels are now upgrading their facilities while keeping their prized affordability.

If you want to truly connect with the local community, we suggest trying couch-surfing. Travelers and hosts rate each other providing a safe environment for all. The major plus of this option is the social aspect of it. Hosts are always up for giving you tips and even showing you some of the spots that are only known to locals.

The last option might not come as a surprise. AirBnb has provided reasonable rates throughout the entire world, so we suggest giving it a quick look to find any hidden gems.


For most voyages, this can be the easiest place to save a few dollars. While we do recommend to splurge once or twice on a delicious, unique meal, we can offer ways to cut back on daily spending.

Before arriving to your destination, spend a few minutes doing research on the local cuisine. In most cases, you’ll find that eating the local delicacy or the famous street food will come at much lower costs. This combination of eating local while saving your money is what travellers dream of.

One of the best places to visit and get a real feel of the city is the local market. Take in the smells and sights of what the local region has to offer. While you are there, pick up some locally sourced groceries and prepare a meal with friends. This option will allow you to save a ton of money, while sampling regional foods.


As you’ll soon find out, most countries in Europe are full of cultural activities, and in most cases, are free of charge. When you arrive, head straight to the office of tourism and see what kind of perks they offer visitors. Many cities offer daily or weekly passes that will certainly keep your wallet happy.

If you want to look at the historic aspects of the city, you’ll easily find guided tours that are free. These tours usually showcase some of the most well-known landmarks and provide a brief history.

In the arts, Europe boasts some of the best museums worldwide. Want to know the best part? These museums have days where they grant you free admission. For example, France opens the majority of their museums for free to the public the first Sunday of the month.

With a little bit of digging, you’ll always find something that will provide a memorable experience while staying within your budget. Use our tips above to cover the important points and create your own, unique vacation!

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