Financial Advice For A Great 2018

Here comes the New Year and yet another opportunity to keep that save more money resolution you’ve made over and over again. This year you can put yourself on the right track with the advice of a few financial experts.

1. Do your shopping online

If you’ve got a big ticket item in your sights like some kids playground equipment you can save yourself money with a bit of research. Checking out online retailer’s for the best price could save you between $50-100 off the recommended retail price per item. The only question is what should you do with the savings?

2. Set a clear goal

Whether there’s a figure you want to see in your account at the end of the quarter or you’ve been eyeing off a fancy new mattress you should set yourself a clear goal. Make one at a time and be specific with a short-term deadline such as 3 months. This way they’ll be achievable and you can enjoy the rewards 4 times this year.

3. Ask yourself important questions

Peter Horsfield is a Certified Financial Planner who runs SMART Advice. He has spent most of his life dealing with money and recommends these 3 tips for your new year:

“1. Give yourself the greatest chance of success, by reflecting on “What is important about money to you?” then ask “Why?” (your answer) is important to you? Continue this Q&A just like peeling an onion and you will gain more clarity about your real drivers/ core values. Doing so you can will help you create an inspiring financial game plan tailored to you.
2. No more excuses. Do the work. An inch of movement is better than miles of intention.
3. Seek habits and experiences that you receive a direct benefit from and improve your quality of life eg exercise, writing, community service. Feeling better about yourself moves you forward in a variety of ways and advances your opportunities.”
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4. Track your spending

Long-term ‘frugalista’ Serina Bird Huang blogs about leading a frugal lifestyle on her site Ms Frugal Ears. Here’s her top tip for you to try:

“The best way to get your finance back on track in a new year is to record what you spend. Use an online app, buy a small diary, or make notes on your phone. Do whatever works, but make sure you record it. Look back on the list at the end of the month. This process helps your mind to decide what is a want and what is a need. It also forces you to think about whether you are getting the best deal for your money.”
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5. Be budget savvy

Rachel Smith from Cycling Rachel Smith and author of Underspent wants people to know budgeting isn’t the end of the world, and it’s easy. Here’s her tips for you to start 2018 on the right foot.

“Tip 1 – Make a budget and sort out your banking. Everyone’s circumstances are different but focus at the start of 2018 on creating a budget and getting your banking in order.
Tip 2 – Get people in place to help. Academic research shows that people who are surrounded by people who inspire them achieve and exceed their goals.
Tip 3 – Use everything that you already have. Your house is probably packed full of clothes, food and toiletries. Use everything that you already have. How much could you save?”
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Start 2018 in the finance good books. It only takes 3 weeks to make a habit so by February you should be well and truly transformed.

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