Avengers EndGame: Robert Downey Jr. teases at his likely Marvel return Again As Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. teases at his likely Marvel return, with the Russo Brothers . Marvel fans have been pinning their hopes on Robert Downey Jr. to somehow return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since the death of Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame.

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According to ComicBook.com, Russo during a watch party said if a reunion is what fans really wanted, then there is a possibility of it happening. He said: “I would say it feels like you go to summer camp and then they yank it away from you.”

Downey Jr. chimed in saying: “Because we do have a lot of fun working on these things together. Everyone has a lot of fun, you get real close to reach other and then you miss it. Maybe we’ll have to do it again some day. The people, they will move us toward what they want.”

He further said how he had only recently jumped on a Zoom call with his other superhero friends: “I won’t say why but I had an occasion to be interfacing with the other five of the original six Avengers just a few days ago.

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After we all kind of hung up or whatever off our Zoom call. I got this wave of all that and yeah, it did feel like about a year ago. But, you know, it was years leading up to it. It was like a year to do it and finish it and get it out.

I’m sure for you, it feels like a year ago, you worked for a thousand years straight.”

If rumours are to be believed, the actor might make an appearance in some capacity in the upcoming Black Widow prequel.

Downey Jr. himself has also been addressing talk surrounding his return.

During the premiere of his recent film Dolitte, he did not entirely shut down the possibility of a probable return:

“I’m not sure. Are we in bargaining now? I am so pleased, just that, I wound up where I have.

I’m very fortunate so, I’m not the kind of guy who — I want to try to keep it classy. We’ll see.”

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